Workplace Drug Testing Detects Greater Usage

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Since Covid-19, drug detections at work have increased significantly.

Resultz Group New Zealand is a drug and alcohol testing company celebrating its 10th anniversary this month. Managing Director Kyly Coombes discusses Covid-19’s impact on drug testing in the workplace and why saliva testing is growing in popularity.

Detection of drug use has increased significantly in workplaces since Covid-19. Kyly attributes this to the stress of the pandemic and less frequent testing in the workplace.

Some businesses limited the number of people on site due to Omicron. In other cases, testing was put on hold because there weren’t enough employees. As a result, people who use drugs have been able to continue doing so without being detected. This has been reflected in higher detection rates when testing resumes”.

In the current climate, drug testing may not be a top priority for all businesses, but it is essential for ensuring a safe and hazard-free workplace.

An employee under the influence of drugs or alcohol poses an unnecessary risk to themselves and others. The risk of workplace accidents increases dramatically if employees are impaired by drugs or alcohol.

But what happens if an employee tests positive? Kyly says “it very much depends on the industry, and the level of health and safety risk involved. Not surprisingly those workplaces that are high risk have a zero tolerance policy. Yet the vast majority will retain the employee, and take a supportive stance towards helping them seek help. Checks and balances are put in place to ensure they are drug free at work, and that the employee knows what to expect so there are no surprises if they test positive again

Kyly explains that “the use of saliva drug testing for cannabis detection is also on the rise”, rather than urine tests. Saliva tests have a detection time of around 12 hours, while urine tests can detect drugs for up to 8-10 days.

By using this method, only employees most likely to be under the influence at work are identified. The use of saliva testing is ideal for businesses that have a relaxed stance on recreational cannabis use, but wish to ensure a safe working environment by ensuring employees are not impaired while at work. Resultz Group offers drug testing NZ wide including meth testing for homes.

Trained technicians perform testing in accordance with industry standards. The team takes care of the entire consent process and provides ongoing guidance and support to workplaces and employees.

The company is also IANZ accredited in all aspects of drug testing, so clients can be confident they are receiving a reliable service.