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IANZ Accredited Drug and Alcohol Testing Services Auckland

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Resultz Group NZ helps companies eliminate drug and alcohol use at work by providing trustworthy, independent drug and alcohol testing services.

Comprehensive Drug Testing Services in Auckland

Navigating the world of drug and alcohol testing can be a challenge. With Resultz Group NZ, it doesn’t have to be. For over a decade, we have provided wrap-around drug and alcohol testing services throughout Auckland and NZ.

Our experienced team can help you develop workplace drug and alcohol policies; undertake extensive pre-employment full health checks; and conduct health assessments.

As an IANZ accredited company, we adhere to the highest standards of compliance. All technicians are trained in accordance with the AS/NZ 4308:2008 standards. We have mobile testing units that are fully equipped to conduct a wide range of tests. We follow strict procedures, use the latest equipment, and use accredited laboratories to guarantee reliable results.

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

We are proud to be one of Auckland’s leading service providers for comprehensive drug testing services including:

1- Pre-employment Drug Testing Identify potential drug users before they cost your business.

2- Reasonable Cause Testing If you observe a change in the behaviour and performance of an employee, this type of testing is conducted to identify any possible drug or alcohol use that may be an influencing factor.

3- Random Drug Testing Establishing sound protocols and business procedures is essential to creating a safe foundation for your workplace. A regular drug testing programme has multiple benefits and enables you to meet strict compliance requirements. We undertake random drug testing on-site with discretion and integrity.

4- Post Incident or Accident Testing In a health and safety investigation, it is important to rule out drugs or alcohol as a contributing factor. For this purpose, we offer post-incident or accident testing to determine if an employee has been under the influence of drugs.

5- Site Clearance Testing Clearance testing is an effective tool to meet contractor requirements for inducting your team into other companies’ site projects. By testing your team you can ensure they uphold health and safety requirements.

With a commitment to professionalism, accuracy, and confidentiality, we ensure a safe and healthy working environment for you and your team. As part of our support services, we offer more than just drug testing. Our Auckland clients count on us for:
  • Providing ongoing support, including interpreting lab results, handling difficult situations, and comparing results when repeat testing is needed.
  • Providing support to staff returning to work after failing tests while maintaining a safe environment.
  • Experience and knowledge to set up realistic rehabilitation programs and retain staff where possible.

Drug Substances We Screen For

Resultz Group screen for these common drugs:

  •  Amphetamines
  •  Benzodiazepines
  •  Cannabis
  •  Cocaine
  •  Methamphetamine
  •  Opiates
  •  Synthetic Cannabis
  •  Alcohol
Learn more about each type of drug and the impact it has on people and workplaces here. Our drug testing services include the following types.

Learn more about each type of test here.

We also have a range of drug testing kits available for purchase from our online store. See our full range.

Drug and Alcohol Policy Development

Resultz Group can help you develop a comprehensive workplace drug and alcohol policy for your company. Drug testing policies are too important not to get right.

  • Protect your business and employees
  • Comply with employment law
  • Create a culture of safety

Our team will support you every step of the way so that your program will be successful. We’ll help you:

  • Understand your obligations
  • Develop and implement your policy
  • Annually audit, review and test it
  • Provide team member & management training
  • Offer rehabilitation and support services

Learn more about what each of these services entails.

Workplace Health Assessments

We understand that each organisation has unique needs when it comes to workplace health assessments. Our experts collaborate with you to develop customised assessment programs.

You can choose between

  1. Comprehensive pre-employment health checks,
  2. Base health assessments and or
  3. Individual tests.

Assessments are performed by registered nurses. We can conduct the checks at our offices or at your workplace. On-site flu vaccinations are also available.

Learn more about what each of these assessments entails.

Meth Testing

Meth is a common drug in New Zealand that poses a risk to people and properties. We offer meth testing for workplaces and properties. Meth screening tests are conducted at three levels in properties:

  1. Meth Screening,
  2. In-Depth Property Meth Screening, and
  3. Detailed Meth Assessment.

Full reporting is required to meet the requirements of insurance companies and decontamination specialists.

Learn more about our Auckland meth testing services.

Why choose us?

Since 2012, we’ve worked to create safer workplaces nationwide. We provide genuine, independent and credible drug and alcohol testing services.

Our team goes well beyond workplace drug testing alone to encompass a holistic approach. Our caring, non-judgmental approach means that your team is treated in a way which puts them at ease during the process.

As a part of our focus on delivering the highest quality service, Resultz Group is fully accredited in workplace drug testing services to give you confidence of quality assurance.

Areas We Cover

Resultz Group NZ comprises NZ and Auckland drug technicians accredited by IANZ to ISO standards. We have mobile testing units that are fully equipped to conduct a wide range of tests throughout Auckland including:

Where to find us

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