IANZ Accredited Meth Testing Services

Meth Testing

Methamphetamine use is widespread in our society and is the most common illicit drug in New Zealand, according to wastewater sampling conducted by the NZ government.

All types of meth testing are available from our team, including property meth testing, rental property meth testing, pre purchase meth testing, vehicle testing, and employment testing. 

Methamphetamine use and contamination pose a real risk to people and properties.   

Rental Property Meth Testing

Decontamination costs can reach in the tens of thousands. If your property is a rental, and insurance claims will only be accepted if the landlord has met all of their insurance policy requirements which includes performing adequate checks.

Completing rental property meth testing before renting out a property provides a baseline for your insurance company and as a best practice ensures that the property is safe for occupants.

By performing a tenancy test pre and post tenancy, tenants become more accountable if contamination is discovered.

Pre Purchase Meth Testing

When purchasing real estate, pre purchase meth testing is often overlooked. Prospective buyers may see it as an unnecessary expense.

Meth use is widespread in our society, and decontamination can cost tens of thousands of dollars. For meth decontamination, as at October 2021, NZ’s leading insurance companies only provide coverage up to $30,000 with a minimum excess of $2,5000.

To protect your family from harm, and to safeguard your investment, make sure you have a pre purchase meth test performed as part of your due diligence process.

Commercial Property Meth Testing

In the same way you would test a residential property, commercial properties should also be tested.

Methamphetamine contamination can occur anywhere, including the workplace. Check your commercial insurance policy to see if it includes a requirement for you to undergo regular screenings to protect your investment.

Testing is certainly advisable at the end of each lease agreement and prior to entering into a new one.

Property Meth Testing Process

In properties, methamphetamine is tested at three levels.

Once meth has been detected at the first level, you gradually work down to the next level to determine the extent of contamination.

Why Choose Resultz Group?

The experienced drug testing professionals at Resultz Group deliver high quality results that you can trust.

We work in compliance with New Zealand Standard 8510:2017 and are IANZ accredited for meth testing, which means we deliver the highest level of service, every time.