The Importance Of Workplace Drug Testing

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No matter what industry your business is in, it’s important to have a drug-free workplace. Drug abuse can pose a health and safety risk and have tragic consequences. It can lead to accidents and injuries, decreased productivity, and a host of other issues. Implementing workplace drug testing can help you keep your business safe and productive. 

Here’s what you need to know about testing for drugs in the workplace.

Why Is Workplace Drug Testing Important?

It’s well known that the consumption of drugs and alcohol can result in a raft of safety issues. Employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol present an unnecessary risk to themselves and others. When employees are impaired by drugs or alcohol, the risk of workplace accidents increases dramatically. In the event of an accident, employers may be liable for the damage. This is why drug and alcohol testing is an essential part of providing a safe workplace for your employees, especially in safety-sensitive professions.

Drug testing at the workplace can facilitate a positive and safe work environment, as well as:

  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce the risks to people and property
  • Improve workplace health and safety
  • Ensure the reputation of your business Ensure legal compliance, and
  • Reduce expenses

When Should I Drug Test My Employees?

Workplace drug testing is requested by employers for safety reasons, and a variety of other reasons.

Pre employment drug testing is an important tool that can be used by your business to ensure a safe workplace.

Particularly in workplaces where there is a lot of risk, such as construction, manufacturing, and civil and primary industries. Potential drug users can be identified before they damage your business with pre-employment drug testing.

In the event of a change in an employee’s behaviour and performance, this type of testing is conducted to identify any possible drug or alcohol abuse that might be an influencing factor. By using reasonable cause testing, high-risk employees can be identified before they cause accidents.

Creating a safe work environment begins with establishing sound business procedures and protocols. Regular workplace drug testing offers multiple benefits and helps you meet compliance requirements.

Also, it helps promote a drug-free culture by reinforcing a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal drugs. Having the possibility of random testing can also make people think twice about drug use.

Post accident drug testing is a type of drug testing that is typically conducted following a workplace accident.

The purpose of post accident drug testing is to determine if drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident.

An effective tool for meeting contractor requirements for inducting your team into other companies’ projects is site clearance testing. By testing your team you can ensure they uphold health and safety requirements.

What Drugs Are Typically Tested For?

A standard drug test will screen for the following common drug types:

  • Amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cannabis Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Opiates Synthetic
  • Cannabis You can

learn more about each of these drugs and how they impact the user in Resultz Group’s Drug Testing FAQs.

How Does It Work?

In New Zealand, urine drug screening is the most popular method of employee drug testing, since results are available immediately. We will require employees to provide a urine sample for analysis.

The results of urine testing will indicate whether an employee used drugs in the days preceding the test. While this is the most common method of drug testing, there are other drug testing methods.

These include; saliva testing, hair strand testing and breathalyser testing (for alcohol only).

The Importance Of A Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Policy

As a general rule, employers may only drug test employees if it is part of their employment agreement or other written agreement. This is why it is essential to have a comprehensive workplace drug and alcohol policy. While you may have a suspicion of drug use, you will not legally be able to enforce a drug test without the correct workplace policies in place.

Employers can contact a local legal representative or drug testing agency for help developing a drug and alcohol testing policy for employment agreements. Resultz Group can assist New Zealand-based businesses with this process. It is essential that your policy complies with all relevant legislation, including the Privacy Act, Human Rights Act, Employment Act, and Health & Safety at Work Act. They will help you understand your obligations under these acts, and make sure your drug and alcohol policy adhere to them. This process includes consultation with employees to gain their buy-in and support to create a safer workplace.

Drug abuse in the workplace is a serious issue that can have negative consequences for both the employee and the company. Regular workplace drug testing can help combat this problem and maintain a safe and productive work environment for all employees.

New Zealand business owners can trust Resultz Group’s award-winning team to provide efficient and accurate workplace drug testing and pre-employment drug testing. Their qualified technicians can provide fast drug testing onsite across New Zealand.