Comprehensive Nail
& Hair Strand Drug Testing

Hair & Nail Drug Test

Hair and nail drug testing services offer an extended period for detection, which allows for a comprehensive assessment of long-term substance use patterns rather than just isolated instances.

These services are typically sought after for child custody or court-ordered requirements, but they can also be utilized in various other circumstances when deemed suitable and necessary.

Hair Drug Test

Hair strand testing involves collecting and analyzing hair to detect the presence of illegal drugs. This method is particularly effective in identifying individuals who engage in prolonged drug use, as opposed to one-time users. Unlike other drug testing methods, hair strand testing has a longer detection window, allowing for the assessment of an individual’s drug use history.

Hair strand testing provides the most accurate timeline. Head hair is the ideal option, however body hair (legs, arms, underarms) can be collected where there isn’t enough. Hair analysis can accurately detect drug use history for a year or more as long as the sample provided is long enough. Each 3.6cm hair sample provides a 90-day history of drug use.

Nail Drug Test

Fingernails, similar to hair, are made up of keratin. During their formation, substances can permeate the nails and become trapped within the keratin fibers from the underlying blood vessels. As the nails grow, the layers serve as a historical record of substance use. Nails serve as a secondary method when there is inadequate hair available for the required time period.

Fingernails provide approx. 6 months detection, toe nails provide approx. 12 months. Nail testing is less accurate on the timeline as nail growth rates have greater variability.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing starts from $455 +GST – get in touch with the team for a specialised quote.

Results for all options are typically available within 7 – 10 working days after the analysis.

Specialised Drug Testing

With our specialised drug testing, we are able to test for the following substances: 

  •  Alcohol
  •  Amphetamine
  •  Antipsychotics
  •  Antidepressants
  •  Benzodiazepines Group
  •  Buprenorphine
  •  Cannabinoids Group
  •  Cathinone Group
  •  Cocaine Group
  •  Hallucinogens
  •  Hypnotic Sedatives Group
  •  Ketamine
  •  Mephedrone
  •  Methadone
  •  Methamphetamines & Ecstasy Group
  •  Propoxyphene
  •  Opiates Group
  •  Opioids Group
  •  Steroids
  •  Cortisol
  •  Propofol
  •  Gabapentin
  •  Pregabalin
  •  Phenibut
  •  GHB
  •  Synthetic Cannabinoids (including Spice)
  •  Synthetic Cathinones (including bath salts)
  •  Synthetic Hallucinogens
  •  Barbiturates Group
  •  Carbamazepine