Methamphetamine Contamination on the Rise: Landlords Beware!

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Resultz Group, a NZ wide drug testing company, is seeing a concerning trend – an increase in Methamphetamine contamination in houses. According to their data, the levels of contamination seem to indicate more towards manufacture rather than consumption. This is a serious issue that landlords need to be aware of.

One possible explanation for this increase in contamination could be the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. With supply chains and drug markets being disrupted, it is possible that individuals are turning to manufacture methamphetamine in their own homes. This is a dangerous and illegal activity that can have serious consequences for both the individuals involved and the property owners.

In addition to this, the Company has also noticed a disturbing pattern of tenants contaminating homes and then seeking liability from the owners. This leaves landlords in a vulnerable position, as they are unable to prove that the home was safe for habitation at the start of the tenancy. This can result in a contaminated home, loss of rental income, and even tribunal penalties. It is a nightmare scenario for any landlord.

It is clear that tenants are targeting private rentals that may not have strict compliance measures in place. This is why it is crucial for landlords to take action and protect their properties. For less than a dollar a day, landlords can have their houses checked between tenancies to ensure they are safe and avoid any potential legal battles.

To further understand the impact of this issue, Managing Director Kyly Coombes will be conducting a survey with property owners who have experienced methamphetamine contamination. “We want to hear their stories and raise awareness about this growing problem. It is time for landlords to take action and protect their investments”.

Don’t let your property become a victim of methamphetamine contamination. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your property and your tenants. Let’s work together to combat this issue and create a safer and fairer rental market.