NZ’s Demand for Covid-19 Saliva Workplace Testing Soars

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Even NZ, once considered a safe haven from Covid-19, is now vulnerable to the deadly grip of the Delta variant. While the number of daily positive cases nears triple digits, the NZ government has essentially abandoned the elimination strategy that had won them world acclaim. 

At present, there are no plans for the Government to place the country’s largest city, where the vast majority of cases are recorded, under level four lockdown. As of October 19, only 65% of the eligible population had been fully vaccinated, placing many at risk of serious illness should they become infected. With Covid in the community, greater mobility, and more open workplaces, some businesses have embraced Covid-19 workplace testing. 

Saliva testing provides an extra layer of protection for employees and the general public. Saliva testing is less invasive than nasal swabs, and results are available the next day, which in many cases is faster than the current wait for results from nasal swabs. 

Many people infected with SARS-CoV-2 go undetected, thereby unknowingly spreading the virus. They are classified as asymptomatic carriers. This is particularly concerning for those working in close proximity to others or around people who may be susceptible to the more severe COVID-19 symptoms.

In New Zealand, workplaces with employees that test positive for Covid-19 and were infectious while at work, are closed while deep cleaning is performed. Contacts of the infected employee are also stood down and asked to self isolate pending testing. Some companies are forced to close because staff have to isolate, and there are not enough people to work. Other companies remain open, but their productivity drastically decreases. 

So what can employers do to protect their employees and business? Frequent screening means being able to identify and isolate infected employees and their close contacts sooner, before their reach extends to a greater number of staff.  

One provider of Saliva testing in workplaces is Resultz Group. The company offers businesses:

  • Saliva surveillance testing with next day results
  • Simple, quick collection 
  • Mobile, onsite service 
  • Affordable and convenient testing option
  • Nationwide service 

Managing Director Kyly Coombes has seen a huge uptake and demand for Covid-19 Saliva tests since the recent outbreak. 

Among the industries seeking these tests are food manufacturing, transportation, civil construction, and logistics; as well as private individuals needing results within 72 hours of their flight. 

On average these industries are testing every five days or once a week. Generally, employees are open to testing as it is non-invasive. Furthermore, the testing can be done at the workplace as opposed to waiting in line for hours at a government testing center.  The benefits of these tests far outweigh the costs to businesses that are forced to close. 

Kyly expects demand to grow even more as daily cases rise and restrictions are eased. There will likely be more demand for testing as we see a lowering of alert levels, requirements for border crossing testing, and more flights open up.